Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What I would rather be doing...

Right now. I am supposed to be studying the last part of my notes. Right now I am procrastinating. Right now I need to go pee. Instead I am typing this blog.
What I would rather be doing is...
-sleeping in my warm sheets
-petting my cat
-eating something tasty
-jumping on a plane to the other side of the world
-exchanging stories with a friend
-listening to music
-watching another Korean drama
-baking my special peanut butter cookies
-reading the rest of Orlando
-cleaning up my room and discovering things
-playing with my makeup
-pretending to advertise the things I own
-painting my toe nails a bright colour
-bargain hunting at some store
-walking around in the mall by myself
-counting money
-in the Philippines with my cousins
-going to my grandmas house
-organizing my sweaters
-surfing the soompi forums
-taking lots of pictures

But instead I am stuck here. Still procrastinating.
it is 8:37 and I still need to go pee.

It's okay I will endure it.

Tomorrow I am free.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Alive

-come back from church and everyone is frozen, cops are standing in their place, a voice is heard from the speakers controlling them
-a victim is crying in the middle
-the person on the speaker got the police men to strip down only to their underwear
-we are scared and walk past them "I don't think it's a good idea to stay here"
-we walk quickly to our house
-no one is outside
-everything is quiet
-one person is walking his dog
-we go inside, I lock all the doors
-my mom and dad disappears
-we have 5 floors in our house, the fifth floor has the elevator
-my sister and I part ways
-I go to the fifth floor
-All the blinds are open so I decide to close all of them
-I hear voices
-"Hey someone closed the blinds..."
-I turn around, there are two teenage boys *the killers*
-one of them says: That means there's a pretty girl in here...
"Oh shit!" I say out loud, because the guy reaches into his pocket for the gun
-I can't find the elevator out of panic, I only see the flights of stairs,
-I jump from the fifth floor and *survive*
-I keep running
-when one of the guys sees that I'm still running *don't know how he did*, he starts shooting the gun like a maniac, and the two killers part ways to chase after me
-there are other girls in the building, I tell them to run for their lives, but they just stand there
-I begin to run down the stairs but I see them below me coming up
-So I start to run back up, run down the corridor and I find the elevator
-I meet up with my sister who is running the opposite direction toward the killers
-so I run after her...
-but we get cornered
-The guys are pointing their guns at us *btw the guns look like a toilet plumber with an explosive on the end---so dumb*
-anyways, then I grab the stick part of the toilet plumber gun and try to point it in the opposite direction, the guy tries to stop me
-my sister does the same thing
-suddenly the elevator door opens and their is a tall girl with a gun
-The bad guys are relieved, (she's on their side)
-while the guys were distracted I take his gun and throw it at the girl's gun
-so does my sister
-and then I ran to press the elevator button (don't know how I could do all this at once...)
-and then the guy was like: Oh shit it's gonna blow up
-The elevator is about to close but my sister runs inside
-The bad guys try to get in, but we push the elevator door closed
-My sister and I look in the elevator mirror, she had lost one of her circle lenses

-and then I woke up b/c I was too scared of what was going to happen next
-and I was sweating when I woke up, like I was actually running hahahahahaha!
-This dream is pretty much messed up! I had to do it in point form because I knew I was going to forget if I wrote in long descriptive sentences.. oh man excuse the terrible grammar.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We're moving at the speed of light

we are moving so fast
we leave
we're like moving flocks of ants
there we are one minute
the next
We are moving so fast
that we did not
SEE a girl crying next to us
NOTICE the dollar on the ground
HELP an old lady who tripped and fell
or TAKE PART in a precious moment
The deaf child smiles at us...
did we REALIZE that the sky was so blue?
We are moving too quickly
where are we going?
for what?
Is there something important that must be done?
I don't know
We move like scuttling rats in the sewers
Is that what we've become?
Where has common courtesy gone?
LOVE is lost
We are moving too quickly
we could not lend our seat
we did not see a ten dollar bill fall out of our pocket
we forgot to say hello to our friends
When will we stop
and hear the world around us
before it's gone.