Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Old Man's Story

I was sitting at the kitchen table peeling squash for my mom's pinakbit(i), while doing so the old man who rented our basement came up and sat down at the table as well, and started talking to me.


I see you have a talent for music. he says to me
I look at him and smile.
Your sister too, she plays the *pretends to play a flute* what is that neh? (ii)
A flute. I reply

It was silent. I didn't feel like talking. But he continued, and this is what he had to say:

The power of music is unbelievable. You know I had an auntie. She loved music. She was rich, her family. She had many men lined up to court her, many rich men.
One day when they went to the church, the pianist was sick.
But it was okay, because there was a new boy in town who knew how to play the violin.
That day at church he played the violin.
He wasn't much to look at you know.
His face was covered with.. you know those boils...

You mean pimples? I say. I tried not to laugh at his lexical mistake. He was truly serious.

Yes the pimples, he continues. But he was very talented. My auntie, she fell in love with this boy. She talked to him everyday. You know he wasn't much to look at. All those pimples.
Her family was so confused why she loved this boy. There were so many other rich men wanting to court her.

Did they get married? I ask

Yes, yes they got married.
That is the power of music.

(i) pinakbit a Filipino dish/ vegetable stew with fish or pork served with rice
(ii) neh: a way of saying girl if one doesn't know your name

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ridiculous Fanfiction


He pushed her against the side of the tree.
The wind blew his black luscious hair to the right.
And the sun made his eyes sparkle.
"Do you like me?" he said smirking,"You said I was handsome right?"
"Yes." She answered shaking.
"Say it louder." he whispered.
"I LIKE JUN OPPA!" she yelled.
It echoed into the distance...


He leaned in closer and touched her cheek. She closed her eyes nervously, trying to pucker her lips...
Suddenly one of Jun's friends jumped out of the bushes laughing.
"Hahaha we got that all on tape Yoona, you're such a creep!"

Jun took his hands away from the tree and laughed, "you girls are just too easy."
As he grabbed his back pack from the ground his blonde haired friend ran up to him, his hand raised up for a high five.

As he walked off with Yoona clenched her fist, "this calls for revenge."

A new layout

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

One sided love gone wrong

I couldn't feel my wrists. The rope was tight. I couldn't see anything. Everything was black. I was breathing heavily. Each breath became heavier and faster. I couldn't smell anything but dirt and my shoes were gone.
I heard a smirk from behind me. I froze. Who was that. Why am I here?

"You don't remember anything. Do you?" the voice asked while another high pitched voice giggled. Strange.
I didn't reply. Just then, the smell of cologne whiffed past my nose. I wanted to cry.
I felt the presence of a warm body come next to me.
A pair of hands pulled off the cloth covering my eyes.
I slowly opened them and looked around. I was in a basement.
The lights flickered and in that brief moment I couldn't believe what I saw.

"Karen?!" I yelled in shock.

It was the girl from my math class. Next to her was my girlfriend's body, partly covered by a garbage bag. Her clothes were torn off. Half of her leg looked like it had been drilled by a power tool. Karen shrugged her shoulders as she reached out for a pack of nails. Her hands were stained red.

"Ttthis is what yyyou get." She said stuttering quietly, "Tthis is what yyou get for cheating on mme. I llloved you. But you chose this ssslut."
"I don't even know yo--"
"Shut up!"
"You're craz--"
"I'm going to kill you if you don't shut up!"

A person was coming down the stairs.
The smell of cologne again.
"You didn't kill him yet?" the person asked. He laughed, "every year it gets funnier and funnier. Give these guys a break."

Karen shrugged her shoulders and started loading up a nail gun.

"Be careful with that..." the guy said, "You don't want that to hit your new nose."

"F$#k off Bailey." She said, her eyes glaring my way.

I couldn't breathe. I couldn't believe my eyes.
My voice trembled as I tried to speak to her, "Please just let me out. I won't tell the cops. I won't do shit. Just let me out. please."

"Hhappy Valentines Dday" she said pointing the nail gun at me.
I swear my life flashed before my eyes.

Friday, February 12, 2010

What's inside a thirteen year old's diary?

aside: I just keep finding all these little things that make me laugh. I just copied some of these entries straight out of my old diary; I didn't bother to change the grammar errors. I can't believe I was so weird!

entry 1:
I'm moving on November 12, 2004

I'm scared of starting in new school. People are different.

Tuesday June 1st 2004:
I think we're wasting money. We went to the Dollarama and China town. We kept on saying sorry and nanay called us "bolang" (i)
I had no homework yeah!

Wednesday June 2, 2004
Dear private journal,
We painted our last set of bricks today (for the talent show). Tino called me a "retard" and I chased him around the stage. I hope he doesn't like me. He's so short but has nice hair. I think he likes Nila. Anyways I'm bored and you can't buy eternal life at Loblaws. (ii)

Hi today I like nanay. I don't like Charles.(iii)

Wednesday Oct, 26, 2004
Today we went to church. I bought some stuff for my edible cell. Anyway I helped Van on her homework, I am so brilliant. I also met a guy named Carlos. He's pretty cute. I think I'm starting to like that guy. He plays piano! He actually talked to me! Anyway hope you have a great day.

Today is June 16/05

February 24/06
Yesterday I wore my glasses and hair up and eyeliner and the stupid 550 year old annoying Stephanie said I looked old. You know what? She looks a million years old.
I wish I had a disease so that I could be worth something and no one to insult me or bother me.

(i) translation of "bolang" = stupid/annoying
(ii) The eternal life sentence was a really lame joke our minster told us at church.
(iii) nanay means mother

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another past entry: Free writing

There is no date on this one, but this journal entry was written last year in my Writer's Craft class. It reminds me of the like/dislike opinion about my vacation to the Philippines for the first time (4 years ago)
Disclaimer: I am not at all trying to say Philippines is bad. It's just that my first time there wasn't so great.

People in the Philippines live a very simple life. You are awakened by the cockle-doodle doo-ing of the rooster at 4 am, then you get up out of the mosquito net and roll up the bed padding. The same CD is being played on the stereo every morning and your aunt has already made breakfast: fried rice, egg, and hot dogs. In the table there is cheese whiz, mayo, and a brown bag filled with loads of fresh pandesal. Your aunt offers you some coffee, and even if you say no thank you, she's already made it.

Your job is to sweep the cement in front of the shack-looking house and feed left over to the huge dogs. When you go out you have to take either the bus or the jeepney or the risky life-death motorcycle cart. If you take the bus, some guy will come up to you and give you a ticket. The bus will occasionally pick up the people that sell things for a living. Even if you pretend to sleep, they will still be up in your face: "ma'am"/ "This magical bread cures all"

The streets of the market smell like raw eggs, fish, and urine. The people automatically know you're from abroad. Speak English and you're screwed. English= money. They love to sing karaoke...even if they are out of tune. You can wear pajamas in the streets. You may accidentally fall into a ginormous pothole. You can eat spaghetti at MacDonalds and when you get out of the restaurant you may possibly fall into a gutter. A lizard might fall onto your head. And by the end of your trip, you won't be able to remember the names of all your cousins.

Random Journal Entry: May 12/09

aside: I wrote this last year in my journal, experimenting with Second person. I was cleaning my room this morning and stumbled upon this and I kind of found it funny... just goes to show how random I am.

You are walking down a rocky brown pathway. You hear a train running along the tracks in the distance. Mushrooms and wild flowers surround the side of the trail. It is a never ending path from what you can see. You swear you've been going around in circles. That's the same log... you say to yourself, but you keep going anyway. You hear a rustling in the grass and you stop to listen. Then you hear sniffling, then howling... You turn around slowly to see a small human like creature. It's getting dark and the sun is setting and fading away, into the purple sky. The small creature has green eyes. They twinkle. Suddenly it puts its hands to its mouth and...out comes a brownish liquid, which she forms into a ball. You are stunned and speechless. The little creature takes your right hand and places the small brown ball inside.

"Give this to the one that is most important to you," it says. And with that, the mystical creature fades away into the darkness. You are still standing there, the sun is gone. The path disappears. You look around but you can't see. You walk in one direction but you bump into something hard and cold. A castle? You feel around looking for an entrance, but there isn't any. Suddenly a bright light shines in front of you, blinding your sight. You are paralyzed. Unable to move, you feel frustrated, trying to lift your arms and move your jaw. But you can't because on top of you there is a huge boulder and you realize that you've been stuck there for quite some time.